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Hey Blissful Simmers,

I decided to create a separate “sister” blog just for all my Sims 4 creations.  Please, check it out when you get a chance.  I hope you’ll follow me over there, too!   Here’s the link/address:


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Let’s Play the Parent Trap!


The Sims 3 Parent Trap by SIMple Bliss


Hey Blissful Simmers!

I have a new Sims 3 Let’s Play over on my YouTube channel, SIMple Bliss!  Check out my Parent Trap series based on the 1961 movie, The Parent Trap (a childhood favorite of mine).

I guess you can consider this a Sims 3 challenge LP, so I am putting the “rules” I created for myself below for anyone interested in them.  Mainly, I just wanted to recreate the “essence” of the main characters and enjoy retelling their story—Sims style!  I didn’t really try to make the Sims look exactly like the movie characters/actors, but you should be able to see some SIMilarities.  ha ha

Here are the rules that I have set for myself:


Mitch and Maggie had a whirlwind romance in the big city.  They quickly fell head-over-heels in love and decided to marry.  Mitch moved his new bride to his country ranch, and they soon began their family.  By the time Maggie gave birth to their twin girls, Susan and Sharon, the ambitious Mitch was very busy running the ranch and his successful business career and the hot-headed Maggie was longing for the urban, cultured life she left behind.  Tensions began to build, even before the girls reached childhood…

Game Settings

No occults.

Set the lifespan accordingly:  Toddler to 7 days; Child to 7 days; Teen to 14 days; and, set all others to the length you desire.

Set SEASONS so that it will be summer when the twins reach their teens and head to summer camp.  Prior to that time, you may set the seasons as you desire, but here is how I will have it in my Let’s Play (LP)….  While the twins are toddlers, I will set Fall to 4 days and Winter to 3 days to correspond to the length of toddlerhood.  Once the twins become children, I will set Spring to 7 days to correspond to the length of childhood.  When the twins become teens, I will set Summer to 7-14 days to correspond to the length of their teen years/days.  Once the challenge is complete and the girls are young adults, you may set the seasons however you desire.

Create or DL the following lots for your world:  One large ranch home in the country with pool and stables; one large woodsy summer camp with small cabins, sports/hobby objects, and a pond; one small town dwelling (a high-rise apartment will work); and, one medium town dwelling (a high-rise or townhouse will work).

The Sims/Cast of Characters

  • Mitch Evers, father of the twins and husband to Maggie McKendrick-Evers.  Young Adult.  Easily impressed, good sense of humor, loves the outdoors, and athletic.
  • Maggie McKendrick, mother of the twins and wife to Mitch Evers.  Young Adult.  Hot-headed, proper, and schmoozer.
  • Charles McKendrick, father of Maggie and husband to Louise McKendrick.  Adult.  Good, perceptive, and party-animal.
  • Louise McKendrick, mother of Maggie and wife to Charles McKendrick.  Adult.  Proper, snob, and perfectionist.
  • Verbena, housekeeper and nanny of the Evers household.  Adult.  Neat, nurturing, rebellious, and friendly.
  • Vicky Robinson, acquaintance and eventual fiancé to Mitch.  YA.  Ambitious, dislikes children, hates the outdoors, diva, and mean-spirited.
  • Susan Evers, twin of Sharon McKendrick and daughter of Maggie and Mitch.  Toddler.  Loves the outdoors and athletic.
  • Sharon McKendrick, twin of Susan Evers and daughter of Maggie and Mitch.  Toddler.  Virtuoso and artistic.

The above Sims should be placed in a beginning household, Mitch’s ranch home in the country.  Using “testingcheatsenabled true,” drag the relationship levels to “friend” all household members.  Then, move Vicky to a small house in town, and move Charles and Louise to another medium to large house in or near town.  Mitch, Maggie, Verbena, Susan, and Sharon stay at Mitch’s house…for now.  At the end of the first Sim week, Maggie will move out, taking Sharon with her, to live with her parents.

Secondary characters/Camper household (to be placed on a “summer camp” residential lot)

  • Miss Inch, camp administrator.  Adult or Elder.
  • Miss Grunecker, camp chaperone. Young Adult or Adult.
  • 4 female sims, campers.  Teens.

The above Sims should be moved in to the “summer camp” just before teenaged Susan and Sharon move in.  Miss Inch and Miss Grunecker should be friends (use Testing Cheats, if necessary).  The girls/campers will all get to know one another once camp has begun.


Once Vicky, Charles, and Louise are moved out of Mitch’s house, gameplay begins…

Toddlerhood—You have one sim-week to do the following:

  • Both parents (Mitch and Maggie) must be best friends with both twins
  • Both twins must learn all 3 toddler skills (talk, walk, potty)
  • Mitch and Maggie must be romantic with one another and woohoo together at least once per day, until the last day of the week
  • On the last day of the week–BEFORE the twins age up to children–Mitch and Maggie should quarrel and break-up.  Maggie and Sharon should move in with Charles and Louise McKendrick.

Childhood—You have one sim-week to do the following:

  • Day one, alternate households and make sure each twin ages up to a child
  • Day two, play the McKendrick household, and make sure Sharon does her homework, works on one skill, and socializes with her household (both grandparents and her mother).
  • Day three, play the Evers household, and make sure Susan does her homework, spends time swimming, and socializes with her household (her father and Verbena).
  • Day four, play the McKendrick household, and make sure Sharon does her homework, socializes with a classmate, and socializes with her household.
  • Day five, play the Evers household, and make sure Susan does her homework, socializes with a classmate, and socializes with her household.
  • Day six, alternate households and make each twin does her homework and works on one skill or socializes with a classmate.
  • Day seven, alternate households and make sure each twin socializes and builds skills.  Age each twin up to teen.

Teenhood—You have one sim-week to do the following:

  • Remove the school from your town (or use Mods for homeschooling)
  • Move each twin to the “summer camp” lot (first make sure you’ve moved in the Camper household).
  • Assign the girls to separate cabins (by assigning their beds)
  • Have the girls meet and become enemies
  • Then, move the girls into the cabin in the farthest corner of the lot together (by assigning their beds)
  • Have them socialize their way toward becoming friends; by end of week, they must be friends.
  • At the end of the week, they should each move out of the “camp” and into the home of the opposite parent from whence they came (i.e. Sharon goes to live with Mitch and Susan goes to live with Maggie and her grandparents).

Teenhood, continued—You have one sim-week to do the following:

  • Each parent should become romantic with another sim (Mitch with Vicky and Maggie with a townie).  Mitch should become engaged to Vicky.
  • Each twin should become best friends with their parent and enemies with that parent’s romantic partner.  Once the twin is an enemy of the romantic partner, the parent should break up with the partner.
  • Each twin should create situations in which their family is reunited–group outings; invite over; parties; showing up on the doorstep of the other’s house; etc…
  • Have the parents interact until they are once again romantic interests.
  • Once, the parents are able, have them get engaged, then married.  Reunite the family under one household before the girls age up to Young Adults.

Here is an optional scoring system:

  • 10 points for each toddler skill learned by each twin
  • 10 points for each skill point learned by each twin (child, teen)
  • 10 points for each friend relationship each girl has by the end of child week
  • 20 points for each twin that is an A student by the end of the child week
  • 10 points for each friend made at summer camp
  • 100 points if Sharon and Susan are enemies by end of 1st day of camp
  • 20 points for each prank the twins pull
  • 20 points for each successful group outing or party

New Original Challenge: The Sims 3 – Hippie Harvest Challenge

Greetings, Blissful Simmers!

Today, I am introducing a new Sims 3 challenge:  Hippie Harvest Challenge.  I will be playing this challenge myself on my YouTube channel (SIMple Bliss), so before I post the rules to this challenge, I want you to meet the founding hippie that I made for this challenge.  Meet Josiah Dawson…

Josiah Dawson, hippie extraordinaire

Josiah Dawson, hippie extraordinaire


He’s quite a cutie, I think, and his personality should make for some interesting gameplay.  I hope you get a chance to check out the videos for this challenge; it should be a lot of fun!


Now on to the challenge rules…

*Here’s a link to the actual Word document, which contains the color-coded farming chart mentioned below:  Hippie Harvest Challenge_rules   (Feel free to print it for easier use.)

Hippie Harvest Challenge

Peace, man! Welcome to the Hippie Harvest Challenge! This challenge is part farming challenge and part commune challenge.

The primary objective is to create a hippie Sim who must slowly master all aspects of farming and animal husbandry, while gradually expanding his/her hippie compound to at least 6 Sims. Overall, your hippie Sim will gradually move from sole subsistence farming to a fully-functioning, self-sufficient hippie commune. *You will have pets at some point, so I suggest the following MODS: NRaas Mover; NRaas Portrait Panel. I have all EPs, SPs, and a lot of Store items in this challenge.

Commune members should NOT have a job, career, or profession of any kind. All skills must be LEARNED BY DOING! In other words, the Sims cannot use skill books and cannot take classes in order to acquire skills.

Game Options Settings: Ages for YA and Adult should be 28 days and Elder should be 14 days (the younglings can be whatever you prefer). Use all 4 seasons and set them to 7 days each. Use all the types of weather. Change your lunar cycle to any permanent setting EXCEPT full moon: No Zombies allowed—this is not a supernatural challenge. Demographics should allow only for pets and horses—again no supernaturals—and uncheck celebrities from progressing. Finally, opt your current household out of celebrity status.

Begin with one YA Sim (male or female), who must look like a hippie from the American 1960s-early 70s. Required traits: rebellious, eco-friendly, and loves the outdoors. Suggested traits: absent-minded, adventurous, brave, charismatic, couch-potato, daredevil, friendly, frugal, good, heavy sleeper, mooch, schmoozer, technophobe, and vegetarian. (Forbidden traits: ambitious, angler, animal lover, bookworm, cat person, computer whiz, dog person, equestrian, gatherer, green thumb, hates the outdoors, loner, proper, snob, and vehicle enthusiast.) Any LTW is fine, but it probably shouldn’t conflict with the overall goal of this challenge, of course.

Begin by moving the hippie Sim onto a completely empty lot—the larger the better; I am using 64×64—and set household funds to a mere $100.

Your first objective is to acquire harvestables from the world. These can come from any lot, except the grocery store. (In other words, “They cannot be purchased, man! Stick it to the Man, man.”) Anything that can be collected SHOULD be collected! You will need produce for planting (as your skills allow), but, because you live on an empty lot without a refrigerator, you will also need produce to EAT; therefore, you will want items other than the ones required for your first crop. Your first crop will consist ONLY of common HERBS, common MUSHROOMS, (because the first thing a hippie would grow would be “herbs” and ‘shrooms, man!) and common VEGETABLES. Gathered items not used for planting can be consumed or sold as desired/needed.

*TIP: You may want to make sure your neighborhood has plenty of spawners or lots that have all varieties of harvestables on them to ensure that your Sim gets everything s/he will eventually need.

As your founding hippie Sim progresses through each of the first 5 Gardening skill levels, you may purchase ONE the following items at each level in any order you desire: tent or sleeping bag; fire pit or bonfire; bike or scooter; shower; toilet. Your Sim is not permitted to build any permanent structures until he reaches level 5 Gardening! Also, your Sim may not to own a CAR until s/he is an elder…and maybe not even then if you so choose.


After your initial gathering quest, begin farming

TIER ONE—Growing Crops (young adult tier)

(You will be progressing through the following chart by starting at the top left and moving down to the bottom of the first column [green]. From there you go back to the top and begin working down to the bottom of the second column [blue]…and so on.

First, plant at least one of each of the common herbs, mushrooms, and/or veggies. Refer to the light green sections of the chart. The items in parentheses are optional or to be used in place of items you could/did not gather. I recommend organizing your plantings in categories (herbs in one area, mushrooms in another, etc…), since you will be adding crop varieties to those areas as your skills increase. Your goal is to tend to these plants until you harvest at least one crop of GREAT quality (or better) of each type of common herb, mushroom, and veggie.

TIER ONE: Growing Crops

A: COMMON (skill 0) B: UnCOMMON (skill 5) C: Rare & Special (skill 7)
PHASE I crops…Harvest each at GREAT quality (or better) in order to progress down to the next phase. Herbs Ginseng, Basil, Peppermint, (Mandrake, Red Valerian, Wolfsbane) Buzzberry, Greenleaf, Lavender, Sweet Grass, Cinnamon, Licorice, Wonder Petal Bumbleleaf, Chamomile
Mushrooms White Cap, Porcini,Red Toadstool Spotlight, Mycenas Truffle, Glow Orb
Veggies Lettuce, Tomato, (Purple Eggplant) Potato, Carrot, Onion,Unknown Uncommon seeds Ghost chili, Garlic, Bell Pepper, Unknown Rare/Special seeds
Grow your commune, man….>>>>>> …Add a commune member—a friend! Add no one yet… Add no one yet…
PHASE II cropsHarvest each at GREAT quality (or better) in order to progress down to the next phase. Fruits Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Blackberry Watermelon, Pumpkin Flamefruit, Life Fruit, Death Flower
Orchard Trees Apple, Orange, Lemon, Peach, Pear, Pecan Lime, Plum, Pomegranate Banana, Cherry, Pomelo
Grow your commune, man….>>>>>> …Add a commune member—a friend! Nope, not yet… Nope, not yet…
PHASE III cropsHarvest each at GREAT quality (or better) in order to progress down to the next phase. Coffee & Cocoa Maui, Red Berry, Midnight, Kona, Cortado, (Cocoa) n/a n/a
Vineyard (grapes) Grapevine, Avornalino, Gralladina Fran, Cherimola Blan, Cranerlet Nuala Meloire, Renoit
Grow your commune, man….>>>>>> …Add a commune member—a friend!And move on to top of Blue Column…>>>> …NOW, add a commune member—a friend!And move on to topof Pink Column…>>> …NOW, add a commune member—a romantic interest! ❤

Once you have harvested a GREAT quality (or better) of each of the items in light green, you must add a member to your commune from the neighborhood. You should NOT use cheats or mods to do so. You must recruit your members through interactions. You may then proceed to planting items listed in the medium green section. Once your harvests are GREAT (or better) quality, you must recruit another member to your commune. Once that Sim is moved in, you may proceed to planting items listed in the dark green section. Once these harvests are GREAT (or better) quality, you must recruit another member to your commune. There should now be a total of 4 Sims (including your founder).

If your founding Sim has reached level 5 gardening skill, proceed to planting items listed in the light blue section of the chart. Your 3 commune members should all take part in maintaining the green column plantings, while your founding Sim works on the blue column plantings. Make progress from light to dark blue in the same manner you did with the green column—moving from light to medium to dark only when each group of plantings is GREAT (or better) quality. However, this time, you will only add a member to your commune this time upon reaching GREAT (or better) quality with the items listed in dark blue. In other words, you will only add ONE member to your commune at the end of your blue item plantings, for a total of 5 Sims (including the founder).

If your founding Sim has reached level 7 gardening skill, proceed to planting items listed in the light pink section of the chart. Your 4 commune members should all take part in maintaining the green AND blue column plantings, while your founding Sim works on the pink column plantings. Make progress from light to dark blue in the same manner you did with the green and blue columns—moving from light to medium to dark only when each group of plantings is GREAT (or better) quality. Again, you will only add ONE member to your commune upon reaching GREAT (or better) quality with the items listed in dark pink. The last Sim recruited to the commune should be the romantic interest of your founder, so choose wisely! You should now have a total of 6 Sims (including the founder) in your commune.

Your founding hippie can age up to an adult, now.

(If s/he aged up before completing tier one, s/he has failed miserably and can never progress her/his agricultural pursuits beyond growing crops and your challenge ends here…unless you’re a rule-breaker…what’s that you say? You’re a rebel? Well, then, stick to the Man, man! Do what you want, brother. Live free and keep pursuing your dreams and continue like nothing happened, man…)

Now that you have (presumably) completed TIER ONE, have your commune members keep those crops maintained and producing—your founding hippie can help out once in a while, too! Your founding hippie’s primary objective, however, is now breeding

TIER TWO—Animal Husbandry (adult tier)

As you complete each goal (below), simply proceed to the next goal, but you must maintain all items along the way. For example, you cannot abandon your beekeeping boxes once you begin harvesting eggs.

  1. Try for a baby with your partner/spouse until pregnant. If your founding hippie is female, her partner/spouse may assist in the remaining duties throughout the pregnancy.
  2. Buy 5 beekeeping boxes and tend to each one each day: smoke, feed, smoke, clean, smoke, harvest. Do this until you harvest 5 bottles of GREAT quality (or better) honey and 5 pieces of GREAT quality (or better) beeswax. (I recommend storing—or selling—everything of lesser quality to help stay organized and well-funded.)
  3. Buy the Fowl and Feathers Chicken Coop for your commune. Harvest 5 eggs of GREAT quality (or better). Do not neglect your coop to the point that your eggs hatch into baby chicks! Again, I recommend storing—if you have a refrigerator by now—or selling any lower quality eggs to help you keep you on track—don’t be a hoarder, man!
  4. Buy the Milkin’ It Dairy Corral for your commune. Gather several bottles of milk and make 5 cheese wedges, all of which are—you guessed it—of GREAT quality (or better)! And for fun, collect 5 chocolate shakes.
  5. Acquire an adult female cat OR dog. Taking in a stray will be more interesting, but if you need to adopt from a neighbor, you may. Have the pet breed and deliver a kitten or cat. (You may find that having pets of both genders in your household makes this less complicated.)
  6. Acquire an adult female horse. Taking in a wild horse will be more interesting, but if you need to adopt from a neighbor, you may. Have the horse breed and deliver a foal. (You may find that having horses of both genders in your household makes this less complicated. Or, use the equestrian center’s breeding services…for a fee.)

Your founding hippie can now age up to an elder.

Now that you have (presumably) completed TIER ONE and TIER TWO, have your commune members keep up with those ventures—your founding hippie can help out once in a while, too! Your founding hippie’s primary objective, however, is now retirement

TIER THREE—Simpler Times (elder tier)

You and your partner/spouse are exhausted from your years of building and running a commune and, while you still hope to continue broadening your horizons with new skills, you both would like those activities to be less hectic. Complete TWO of the following goals (your partner/spouse may complete the one your founder does not pursue):

  • Upgrade the Classically Cool Fixer-Upper Car (EA Store item). You may sell it if you need the funds, or you may cruise around town IN A CAR for the first time ever. Or, maintain your hippie integrity and continue using your bike or scooter!
  • Reach level 10 of the Fishing skill. You may sell, consume, or use the fish as bait or garden fertilizer.
  • Buy the (EA Store item) Baker’s Station and learn to bake all the items! You may sell the baked goods and/or feed the commune (Hippies love those “herbed brownies!”)


Optional challenge: If you’d like, this can become a legacy challenge by having the offspring of the founding hippie pursue all the objectives of each tier in the same manner as the founder.


Upcoming LPs on YouTube

Greetings, Simmers!

As my Hunger Games (season one) series is coming to a close, I have decided to begin a few new series in the very near future.  (Check out my YouTube channel, SIMple Bliss!)

Hunger Games Season One: Kristen Stewart; Jack McFarland; Gordon Ramsay; Wanda Sykes; Scarlett O'Hara; Dwight Shrute; Tris Prior; Buddy the Elf

Hunger Games Season One: Kristen Stewart; Jack McFarland; Gordon Ramsay; Wanda Sykes; Scarlett O’Hara; Dwight Shrute; Tris Prior; Buddy the Elf

I have no intention of ending either my Amazon Challenge or my Performing Arts School Challenge any time soon, but the Hunger Games is being produced a LOT on YouTube by several LPers. Plus, I played several “seasons” of it over the past year, and, quite frankly, I am becoming bored with it. Thus, it is time to MOVE ON! 🙂

Amazon Challenge thumbnail

Amazon Challenge

PAS thumbnail

Performing Arts School Challenge

For the last week, I have been on the search for the perfect “farming” challenge. There are a few good ones on Mod the Sims, and I watched two YouTube series, one produced by Twitch and one by Mommie Simmer, that were very interesting.  In the end, I have decided to create my own “farming” challenge.  Well, actually, it’s part farming challenge…

I will be producing a challenge LP called Harvest Hippie: Commune Challenge.

This challenge will begin like most farming challenges, with a YA inexperienced farmer.  In Harvest Hippie, this sim must look the part of a “hippie” with a variety of traits that convey that persona.  I am working on a “tiered” process, through which the founding hippie must progress, all while adding members to his commune.  The commune must be self-sufficient from start to finish–no jobs, no careers, no professions–and all skills must learned through trial and error–no books, no classes.  Once I play through an experimental version, I will post the final version of the rules and begin recording the LP and uploading to YouTube.  I am anxious to get started!

In addition to the Harvest Hippie series, I want to do two more LPs…

First, I have an idea for one that is based on the 1961 movie, The Parent Trap, in which a young couple with twin girls gets a divorce and each parent moves to separate lots and raises the girls without ever having contact with one another.  Once the girls become teens, they are sent to the same summer camp.  They must first become enemies, then best friends.  When camp is over, they each go to live with the opposite parent.  The father has a new woman in his life, and the mother a new man.  The girls must harass their parents’ new partners until they are enemies with them.  Once the new partners are moved out, the girls must create opportunities for their parents to spend time together, and, ultimately, help them rekindle their former romance.

The second one is less of a “challenge” LP and more of a story LP, but I think there are going to be ways that I can implement small challenges within it.  I love the book The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd, so I want to recreate the characters and tell a simmie-version of that story.  I think the Sims 3 harvestables (for Lily’s father’s orchard) and the beehives (for August’s honey business) will help to set the scene for this multi-layered tale of a young girl’s search for answers about her deceased mother and about herself.

As I get these series going, I will post more detailed information and pictures of the sims and the lots I’ll be creating and using.  In the meantime, make sure to check out my existing LPs.  If don’t have a YouTube account, it’s easy to create one.  This way you can “like” the videos, subscribe to my channel, and share the videos to various social media sites.  Your support is always appreciated!  🙂  Click here to see my channel:  SIMple Bliss


New PC: the good, the bad, and the ugly

I am thrilled that I received a new computer for Mother’s Day! It is everything I wanted; however, it is taking me forever to get it all set up. I haven’t been home very much, so that isn’t helping my efforts. Mainly, I have two internal hard drives for the first time ever, and I am trying to figure out the best configuration for all my programs and, most importantly, the Sims! It may be a while before I can get around to recording again, too. FRAPS doesn’t seem to be working too well on the new PC—it crashes the sims—perhaps because I have Windows 8? I may end up trying a different recording software. All in all, it is putting a damper on my uploading schedule for YouTube! In the meantime, here’s a pic of my new Cybertron Doom ii….


My Performing Arts School schedule

I came up with a different schedule for my Performing Arts School challenge (originally created by Vicky Viking here:

The original schedule was too hectic for me, but I do love this challenge, so thank you Vicky for creating and posting it!

My Performing Arts School challenge can be found on my YouTube channel, SIMple Bliss (  Please, be sure to check it out if you haven’t already done so.  🙂

Here is the block schedule I am using:

pas schedule – Sheet1



SIMple Bliss: My YouTube Channel


Wow!  It has been a while since I uploaded any builds and posted them here!

Lately, I have really gotten into just playing the game, in particular Sims 3 game CHALLENGES.  I first started by just playing them for fun, but then thought I’d put my (amateur) presentation skills to work making LPs (Let’s Plays) on YouTube.

So now, I’d like you to visit my channel, simmers.  🙂

Here’s the link: SIMple Bliss or

So far, I have three challenge playlists:

The Amazon Challenge

The Hunger Games Challenge

The Performing Arts School Challenge

One simmer/LPer was particularly helpful in my getting started, so I want to give her a “shout out!” Thanks xSimSugar (a.k.a. MrsTIL on for your tutorial and additional advice via e-mail. Check out her YouTube channel, too. She’s so charming and entertaining!

Thanks for your support!  Don’t forget to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE, please.  🙂

Have a great day!

WIP: New pics of Hattie’s House!

I have several pics of the interior of Hattie’s House.  I finished the kitchen, living room, children’s room, and the nursery.

Tiny leaf-themed nursery

Tiny leaf-themed nursery

Train-themed children's room

Train-themed children’s room

Living room

Living room

Living room, view from foyer

Living room, view from foyer

Living room

Living room

Living room

Living room

Living room (upright piano via keyboard, shelf, bookcase MOO project--inspired by Larifari2009, I believe.)

Living room (upright piano via keyboard, shelf, bookcase MOO project–inspired by Larifari2009, I believe.)

Breakfast nook, kitchen

Breakfast nook, kitchen



Breakfast Nook

Breakfast Nook



All that’s left is the downstairs bathroom, and the upstairs master suite.  Hopefully I’ll have Hattie’s up on the Exchange in time for the New Year!  🙂

Happy Simming, Simmers!

WIP: Hattie’s House


Hattie’s House


Horse barn

I once uploaded this house as a shell on the Simmers Society.  There was a thread where you could share your unfinished projects and see how other simmers completed them.

Originally, however, I started this build–then called Hattie’s Hovel–because it is based on a place that I once dreamed about many, many years ago.  I think it was when I was young enough to have been really immersed in the Anne of Green Gables series of books.  I wanted the lot to be mysterious, yet enchanting, and I think it still has some element of that feeling, but it certainly has evolved into so much more.

I still haven’t completed the interior, but I’m getting there.  I may do some more tweaking to the landscaping, but I love how it’s turning out.

It’s a great lot for horse lovers, as well as gardeners.  In fact, there is a mushroom cellar!  Mushrooms are actually grown deep under the earth where it is dark and damp, so I decided to add this touch of reality.

For now, here is a sneak peak of Hattie’s House (Hattie was my maternal grandmother’s name, so I’m hoping the build has some of her sourthern blend of guts and grace!):


Mushroom and wine cellar


Bridge linking driveway to front path leading to house


Bike shed


Path between house and greenhouse


Back patio


Garden, greenhouse


Front yard


Front view


Driveway, road in front part of lot, small “bridge” that may “flood during high water” 😉


Driveway (road in front of lot)

Now Available: Brave and Duster’s Arcade

This is a lot I made toward the end of this past summer. At the time, I had been in the mood to make community lots. The only reason I didn’t upload it after I made it is because I was still fussing with the pics.

Click the following pic in order to head over to the info page on this fun little arcade. It is is loosely based on the RL Dave and Buster’s, so I bring you Brave and Duster’s Arcade…

Blogging…or lack thereof!

I don’t know why I don’t know why I don’t update this blog very often. I guess it’s partly because I haven’t really played The Sims 3 very much over the past 4 months. I did play Supernatural quite a bit when it first came out and the much anticipated Seasons had my attention the minute my husband brought it home from Best Buy for me, but I haven’t felt like building anything lately. I just get so immersed in my real life–not that that’s a bad thing! My job is taxing–rewarding, but taxing. I really just don’t feel like “working” on my Sims games when I get home each night, and the entire month of November was spent on numerous around-the-house projects and Christmas prep (I am a Christmas decorating fiend!). In fact, I usually only play the Sims on the weekends, and lately my weekends have just been too full.

Anyway, most of my holiday prep and entertaining plans are under control now, and I am ready to get back into the game and do some building. It usually takes something in RL to inspire one of my builds, but I have to say lately I’ve been vegging-out on YouTube videos made by fellow simmers building some beautiful, large houses.

Chrillsims3 has gorgeous time-lapse videos of all of his uploads. I can’t imagine all the effort that must go into his projects. Each house alone must take dozens of hours, but then the time he must put into each of his video productions is beyond me. I could never do that, nor do I desire to do that. (I did make a video once with the Sims 2, but I never posted it anywhere, and it took loads of work! I’d like to try it again just for fun, but all in all it just isn’t for me.) So, I am mesmerized by simmers who make videos for the rest of us to enjoy, and in my downtime that’s what I’ve been doing lately–even more than actually playing the Sims for myself. Mainly as a result of watching Chrillsims 3, I have to say I am inspired to try my hand at some modern builds again–modern is not my forte, though, so we’ll have to see what makes it on to my blog.

Nonetheless, Monte Vista is available in the Sims 3 Store now, and there is nothing modern there—and that’s O.K. with me. I have always loved all things Italian, and I am anxious to make Monte Vista my own. I purchased Monte Vista the moment it was released. The world is very pretty, but those EA houses never live up to their potential—Boooorrring!! So, I’m thinking I’ll be working on some “old world” builds in the next few months to make Monte Vista the world I’ve been aching to play.

One word: Hallelujah!

Well, my wish–along with the wishes of thousands of Sims fans–has come true!  I am so thrilled we are finally going to have weather and seasons in the game.

The demo during the live-chat on August 3 was a bit frustrating to watch since they were having so much technical difficulty, particularly during the Supernatural portion.  I was relieved they were able to demo Seasons a bit better.

Supernatural looks good, but Seasons looks great.

I’d love to say more, but I think I am going in-game and start building some weather-ready lots!  🙂


Historustica Apartments

Little by little, I have been working toward making “Barnacle Bay” into “Mediterranean Bay.”  I don’t have much so far–mainly because I haven’t been simming much lately–but what I do have is mostly in the form of downloads from fellow simmer, Susanna.  She has great Italian style builds, and I placed several of her lots in this world.

I, too, like to build old world style lots, and the following build is just that.  I made it especially for Mediterranean Bay.  My inspiration was a picture of an old Italian house (to which I no longer have access).  In order to make the most use of all the space, I decided to make the build into 3 distinct apartments.

There are 2 distinct buildings, but they are connected by a breezeway.  The yellow stone-brick building (on the right) has one 2-floored apartment (let’s call it Apartment A), and the white-green stucco/stone building (on the left) has two more apartments, one of which is 2-floors (let’s call it Apartment B) and the other which is 3 floors (let’s call it Apartment C).

I didn’t use buydebug to place hidden room markers and all three apartments are fully furnished. This way, simmers can choose which apartment best suits their needs/style and place hidden room markers for themselves in the apartments they opt not to play. Or, they can play all three apartments as one household. It’s up to you. 🙂

Sims3 Supernatural (and other thoughts)

Hey Simmers!

Even though I was hoping for a weather-themed expansion, I have to say I am looking forward to the Sims 3 Supernatural.  

However, I can’t say the same about some of the most recent EA Sims 3 releases.  I absolutely hate all the Katy Perry items, and refuse to even consider purchasing it.  In the past, I used to go out and buy any and all Sims products simply because I loved the game enough to do so.  EA just hasn’t given me enough about which I can “feel the love”  lately. 

I did give in and buy the Diesel stuff pack, but I am not too happy with it (or myself for giving in to temptation).  I just don’t like the idea of buying a game containing branded content.  It just feels “wrong” to pay to have someone advertise to me. (For this same reason, I no longer have an $80-per-month DirecTV account; too many commercials/too few programs from which to choose.)

I like Showtime, and I even used the “portal” to play it, but I am disappointed in the overall experience.  Half the time the portal doesn’t work correctly.  It sucks to send a sim off to someone’s game–which, in effect, freezes your ability to continue playing that sim–and then have them show back up without a “stamp” to show for your time and effort.  THE STAMPS are the whole purpose of sending a sim on tour and that feature cannot be counted on!  I have level 10 singers, level 10 acrobats, and level 10 magicians–all of whom I’ve sent on tour or tried to send on tour; yet, I have a very empty passport!  So, I’ve finally given up on the whole portal thing for now.  This was also kind of a buzz-kill for Showtime overall, because without the portal there is no real objective to the three new careers other than the same kind of career-progression gameplay we have with the base game.

Getting back to Supernatural… 

It sounds like it will be a lot of fun–sinister fun, not sugar-coated-lollipop fun (*snark*).  However, I  think EA is sort of convoluting themes with their Sims 3 releases.  There seems to be a lot of overlap.  We had vampires with Late Night, and NOW there’s a supernatural expansion coming out.  They really need to clean up their creative processes and organize themselves and their products better…you know, like they USED to do.  It just seems like they never quite have a long-term plan, and they make it up as they go along, often catering to the whims of current trends. 

Anyway, this expansion seems like it might have some of the old quirkiness and humor that I’ve always enjoyed about the Sims.  Here’s to hoping…

New WIP: Honeydew Cottage

Here’s a little house that I’ve been working on all afternoon.  I’m calling it Honeydew because of its melon color theme: pastel lime and peach.  Right now the interior has 3 levels (basement, main, and upstairs), but I haven’t built the interior walls yet, so I’m uncertain about the number of rooms at this time.  The exterior is basically complete, so, for now, here are some outside shots and one shot of the master bedroom:


Stonecrest Cottage…COMING SOON!

This is a little home I made for Scotch Hollow.   It sits on a small lot, but could easily be placed on a larger lot if you want more yard space.  I think it’s kind of unique–kind of quirky looking–but I like it.  It would be perfect for a single sim.  Has a nice swimming hole in front and a convenient wrap-around porch. 

I will upload it in the next day or two.  In the meantime, here’s a pic and a link to a photo album with more pics.  🙂

Stonecrest Cottage

More pics:



New Sim: Sophia Peretti

Sophia Peretti is a sim I made to celebrate WINTER!  I’m still anxiously awaiting some snow here in my region…as well as in the Sims 3 game!  I truly miss Seasons from the Sims 2…  Ah, well!

Click her name (above) to download.

Here are some pics (CC hair and lips are not included in the download. Both are from TSR:  NewSea “Violet” hair; Flinn lips).  Click images for larger viewing.

Scotch Hollow: 2 NEW LOTS

56 Highland Hills

Click image to download

Go HERE for more pics of 56 Highland Hills

70 Highland Hills

 Click image to download

Click HERE for more pics of 70 Highland Hills

Info on both lots:  NO CC; contains Store items; requires all EPs, most SPs; charming, tasteful interiors; contains some skill builders; No. 56 has room for up to 4 sims; No. 70 has room for up to 5 sims; fully furnished and landscaped.  ENJOY!

Happy New Year

As we approach the new year, I find myself stuck in bed with what seems to be strep throat!  Yesterday, I felt just miserable, but I did manage to get in a few hours of simming.  I worked on my latest project, Tudor Dreams, a rather large tudor home.  I rarely make large sim homes, but something about Christmas got me going on this one; I wanted a place my simmies could really get into the holiday spirit.  I was too busy preparing for the RL holidays to get it anywhere near finished in time for a Christmas upload, so I hope to have it ready in time for a New Year’s celebration.  Ifinally made it out of bed today, so here are a couple of pics so folks can see this WIP.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve always admired tudor homes, and my husband–back when he was my high school boyfriend–used to cherish a massive tudor home plan that he wanted to have  built for us someday.  Twenty-four years of marriage later and that house plan happens to be stowed away in the attic of our ranch-style contemporary home!  Ha ha.  So much for the dreams of youth.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  At least I can say I am living one dream of my youth:  Tudor or no tudor, I have been happily married for 24 years!  🙂 

I didn’t have that picture/plan to look at when I designed this WIP, but I tried to remember it as well as I could.  I finally just took from a combination of several images of home plans I researched on-line and in a home magazine I had laying around.  Tudor Dreams is a 3-bedroom home meant for the sim family who loves to party.  There is a luxurious entry with a formal dining area meant to impress your guests and the sole purpose of the largest room–the ballroom–is to entertain.  There is a stage and a large open space for dancing the night away.  The lounge can be a retreat for your guests or your kids.  Games and a bar will keep everyone occupied.  The kitchen is traditional and well-organized, as well as comfortable.  The parents will love the attached garage which opens to a mudroom that keeps dirt and grime from tainting the more formal areas of the home.  A large laundry room allows you to keep an eye on the little tykes as you take care of those chores.  Upstairs, your sims will find a cute, fantasy-themed nursery and a large youth bedroom that are adjoined by a common bath.  The huge master suite sits on the opposite end of the upstairs quarters.  On the landing, the household will find plenty of space for relaxing with one another (since so much of the first level is intended for guests and entertaining).  The pool is unique, but functional, and a place that both family and friends will find tempting.

Anyway, my point in writing this post was to say “Happy New Year.”  I clearly digressed!  So, back to topic:  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Late Night

I haven’t even thought of designing and building any new lots lately, because I’ve been engrossed in playing the new EP: Late Night.  It was really frustrating at first because of all the issues with crashing because of library items…so ridiculous.  You’d think a game that thrives on user creativity would be able to handle user created stuff!  Anyway, once the initial frustration was put to rest and I was actually able to play the game, I found it entirely awesome!  The new socials, the clubs, the vampires, the celebrities, the food truck, combined rabbit hole functions…it’s all fabulous (once they remove all the glitches, that is)! 

I had played Bridgeport for several RL  hours, but began to notice that the mixologists and bouncers kept leaving the bars while my sims were there…soooo, no drinks, food, if I ever was able to enter).  The elevators are so slow…so half my sims’ outings were wasted.  AND, if you wander the neighborhood, there is more action over on the sidewalks of the residentail district than there is in the clubs!  All the townies are out there walking around!!?  So, my poor little “heartbreaker” sim in need of ten boyfriends had to “walk the streets” (so to speak!) to find some male companionship!  LOL  Obviously, EA has some routing issues to resolve there.

Anyway, I finally uprooted my simmie (or a copy of her household, that is), and moved her to Longview (a la Rflong7), and added some skyscrapers, apartments and clubs, to that neighborhood.  I put in HolySimoly’s Blood Candy Lounge (an amazing creation—you must all DL it NOW!  You will love it!), and my simmies are out and about, the mixologists and bouncers behave themselves, and my “heartbreaker” sim is meeting men in the manner in which she should—at the bars, not the streets.  Ha ha.  Oh, and I moved her into Ruthless_kk’s makeover of Off Ramp apartment building…also a must-have DL! ( Thanks, Ruth!)  I still have glitches, but things seem to roll much better in this neighborhood, but I do miss Bridgeport, and I hope EA gets it fixed soon.

I feel like I have much more to explore before I begin building with all those great new tools that came with the game, plus I’d prefer fewer technical difficulties so I can create in peace.  So, until then,  I’ll be out “clubbing” with my simmies…hope you are, too!  🙂

Grecian Grove

Grecian Grove is a small world I made using the Create-A-World tool.  I have been playing it off-and-on for several months, and it runs great; so I thought I’d share some images of my gameplay with you all.  It should provide everyone with a nice little tour of my small Greek city by the shore. 

To see the slideshow and for futher information follow the link embedded in the image below:

Grecian Grove: A small Greek isle

New WIP: Hattie’s Hidden Hovel…and more!

I have two current WIP’s (works in progress), but I am only posting pics of one of them.  To take a sneak peak at Hattie’s Hidden Hovel, click the image below:

Coming Soon: Click for a sneak peak

Even though the other WIP is further along than Hattie’s, I’ve opted not to post pics of it since I will be entering the completed project in a challenge later this weekend.  Once I’ve submitted the entry, I will post pics and a link here, as always.  It will be a modern build in a lush, Olympic, shore-side setting.  I’m really having a blast building this one, and I’m excited about what I have completed so far.  I hope it continues to go well!  🙂

Brief Hiatus? No more!

Okay, I think I’m ready to get creative again.  I spent most of my summer reading (well, when I wasn’t working), and I hope to continue the reading jag but hope to also spend more time simming again. 

So, for now, I believe I will get back to building my favorite kind of build:  Cottages.  When I was a girl, I seemed to have a slightly recurring dream about a woodland cottage—the stuff of fairytales or Anne of Green Gables (I wanted to visit P.E.I. after reading those books, and I always clearly visualized some of the houses described in them).  Anyway, that visual image has stayed with me, even in the present, and so I’m hoping to recreate it, Sims-style.

I started the lot a few weeks ago, but with very little inspiration in my veins.  Once I get back to it (very soon, I hope), I will take some screenshots to show everyone the work in progress.  Stay tuned….