Sims3 Supernatural (and other thoughts)

Hey Simmers!

Even though I was hoping for a weather-themed expansion, I have to say I am looking forward to the Sims 3 Supernatural.  

However, I can’t say the same about some of the most recent EA Sims 3 releases.  I absolutely hate all the Katy Perry items, and refuse to even consider purchasing it.  In the past, I used to go out and buy any and all Sims products simply because I loved the game enough to do so.  EA just hasn’t given me enough about which I can “feel the love”  lately. 

I did give in and buy the Diesel stuff pack, but I am not too happy with it (or myself for giving in to temptation).  I just don’t like the idea of buying a game containing branded content.  It just feels “wrong” to pay to have someone advertise to me. (For this same reason, I no longer have an $80-per-month DirecTV account; too many commercials/too few programs from which to choose.)

I like Showtime, and I even used the “portal” to play it, but I am disappointed in the overall experience.  Half the time the portal doesn’t work correctly.  It sucks to send a sim off to someone’s game–which, in effect, freezes your ability to continue playing that sim–and then have them show back up without a “stamp” to show for your time and effort.  THE STAMPS are the whole purpose of sending a sim on tour and that feature cannot be counted on!  I have level 10 singers, level 10 acrobats, and level 10 magicians–all of whom I’ve sent on tour or tried to send on tour; yet, I have a very empty passport!  So, I’ve finally given up on the whole portal thing for now.  This was also kind of a buzz-kill for Showtime overall, because without the portal there is no real objective to the three new careers other than the same kind of career-progression gameplay we have with the base game.

Getting back to Supernatural… 

It sounds like it will be a lot of fun–sinister fun, not sugar-coated-lollipop fun (*snark*).  However, I  think EA is sort of convoluting themes with their Sims 3 releases.  There seems to be a lot of overlap.  We had vampires with Late Night, and NOW there’s a supernatural expansion coming out.  They really need to clean up their creative processes and organize themselves and their products better…you know, like they USED to do.  It just seems like they never quite have a long-term plan, and they make it up as they go along, often catering to the whims of current trends. 

Anyway, this expansion seems like it might have some of the old quirkiness and humor that I’ve always enjoyed about the Sims.  Here’s to hoping…


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