Why I love the Sims:  The Sims 3 is not just a game.  In fact, a lot of people fail to understand Simmers’ fascination with the game.  “Why do you want to control the bladder function and diet of a simulated person? How can THAT be entertaining?”  These are often the comments I hear from family and friends, some of whom have tried playing the Sims, but fail to grasp the reason I, in particular, as well as thousands of other Simmers, play the game.  If people only play the Sims to “control” the survival functions of the simulated being, they are, I believe, missing the point of the game.  This is one reason the game developers have deepened this aspect of the Sims…

People need to create.  Even the most amateur of artists (like me!) can create something when they play the Sims.  This is where I come in.  I love art, but in the real world I have little–or no–artistic ability!  I also love great books, gardening, and decorating.  But real life can have its limitations…or I should say, my bank account has its limitations.  I may not be able to spend thousands of dollars to decorate my RL home, but I can imagine what it would like if I had the funds.  I have designed countless room re-dos in the Sims that I eventually did in my own RL home—once the money was there.  It allows me to experiment with floorplans, colors, etc…

Even the gameplay holds tremendous opportunities for creativity.  Players usually develop some kind of story line in their minds, even when they are controlling the basic functions of a Sim’s life.   Designing the clothing and physical appearance of the Sim is another creative venture.

So, it is because of this creative aspect of the game that I decided to start this blog site.  I have no desire to share my personal life story here.  It’s just a friendly page from which to share my Sims 3 designs and thoughts about the game.  So, enjoy the images.  Link to the downloads if you like what you see.  And, leave me your honest feedback.  I’d love to hear from my fellow Simmers.  Thanks for visiting my blog!  Enjoy, and Happy Simming!


One thought on “About

  1. Lessa says:

    Kim. I love all teh design in here..it was specific yet gorgeous ! Each time I look into all of your desing (houses / cottage / bungalow etc) my words keep saying “it’s so beautiful ! ” You’re so lucky to have such talent!

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