One word: Hallelujah!

Well, my wish–along with the wishes of thousands of Sims fans–has come true!  I am so thrilled we are finally going to have weather and seasons in the game.

The demo during the live-chat on August 3 was a bit frustrating to watch since they were having so much technical difficulty, particularly during the Supernatural portion.  I was relieved they were able to demo Seasons a bit better.

Supernatural looks good, but Seasons looks great.

I’d love to say more, but I think I am going in-game and start building some weather-ready lots!  🙂



Late Night

I haven’t even thought of designing and building any new lots lately, because I’ve been engrossed in playing the new EP: Late Night.  It was really frustrating at first because of all the issues with crashing because of library items…so ridiculous.  You’d think a game that thrives on user creativity would be able to handle user created stuff!  Anyway, once the initial frustration was put to rest and I was actually able to play the game, I found it entirely awesome!  The new socials, the clubs, the vampires, the celebrities, the food truck, combined rabbit hole functions…it’s all fabulous (once they remove all the glitches, that is)! 

I had played Bridgeport for several RL  hours, but began to notice that the mixologists and bouncers kept leaving the bars while my sims were there…soooo, no drinks, food, if I ever was able to enter).  The elevators are so slow…so half my sims’ outings were wasted.  AND, if you wander the neighborhood, there is more action over on the sidewalks of the residentail district than there is in the clubs!  All the townies are out there walking around!!?  So, my poor little “heartbreaker” sim in need of ten boyfriends had to “walk the streets” (so to speak!) to find some male companionship!  LOL  Obviously, EA has some routing issues to resolve there.

Anyway, I finally uprooted my simmie (or a copy of her household, that is), and moved her to Longview (a la Rflong7), and added some skyscrapers, apartments and clubs, to that neighborhood.  I put in HolySimoly’s Blood Candy Lounge (an amazing creation—you must all DL it NOW!  You will love it!), and my simmies are out and about, the mixologists and bouncers behave themselves, and my “heartbreaker” sim is meeting men in the manner in which she should—at the bars, not the streets.  Ha ha.  Oh, and I moved her into Ruthless_kk’s makeover of Off Ramp apartment building…also a must-have DL! ( Thanks, Ruth!)  I still have glitches, but things seem to roll much better in this neighborhood, but I do miss Bridgeport, and I hope EA gets it fixed soon.

I feel like I have much more to explore before I begin building with all those great new tools that came with the game, plus I’d prefer fewer technical difficulties so I can create in peace.  So, until then,  I’ll be out “clubbing” with my simmies…hope you are, too!  🙂