One word: Hallelujah!

Well, my wish–along with the wishes of thousands of Sims fans–has come true!  I am so thrilled we are finally going to have weather and seasons in the game.

The demo during the live-chat on August 3 was a bit frustrating to watch since they were having so much technical difficulty, particularly during the Supernatural portion.  I was relieved they were able to demo Seasons a bit better.

Supernatural looks good, but Seasons looks great.

I’d love to say more, but I think I am going in-game and start building some weather-ready lots!  🙂



New Sim: Sophia Peretti

Sophia Peretti is a sim I made to celebrate WINTER!  I’m still anxiously awaiting some snow here in my region…as well as in the Sims 3 game!  I truly miss Seasons from the Sims 2…  Ah, well!

Click her name (above) to download.

Here are some pics (CC hair and lips are not included in the download. Both are from TSR:  NewSea “Violet” hair; Flinn lips).  Click images for larger viewing.