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Greetings, Simmers!

As my Hunger Games (season one) series is coming to a close, I have decided to begin a few new series in the very near future.  (Check out my YouTube channel, SIMple Bliss!)

Hunger Games Season One: Kristen Stewart; Jack McFarland; Gordon Ramsay; Wanda Sykes; Scarlett O'Hara; Dwight Shrute; Tris Prior; Buddy the Elf

Hunger Games Season One: Kristen Stewart; Jack McFarland; Gordon Ramsay; Wanda Sykes; Scarlett O’Hara; Dwight Shrute; Tris Prior; Buddy the Elf

I have no intention of ending either my Amazon Challenge or my Performing Arts School Challenge any time soon, but the Hunger Games is being produced a LOT on YouTube by several LPers. Plus, I played several “seasons” of it over the past year, and, quite frankly, I am becoming bored with it. Thus, it is time to MOVE ON! ūüôā

Amazon Challenge thumbnail

Amazon Challenge

PAS thumbnail

Performing Arts School Challenge

For the last week, I have been on the search for the perfect “farming” challenge. There are a few good ones on Mod the Sims, and I watched two YouTube series, one produced by Twitch and one by Mommie Simmer, that were very interesting.¬† In the end, I have decided to create my own “farming” challenge.¬† Well, actually, it’s part farming challenge…

I will be producing a challenge LP called Harvest Hippie: Commune Challenge.

This challenge will begin like most farming challenges, with a YA inexperienced farmer.¬† In Harvest Hippie, this sim must look the part of a “hippie” with a variety of traits that convey that persona.¬† I am working on a “tiered” process, through which the founding hippie must progress, all while adding members to his commune.¬† The commune must be self-sufficient from start to finish–no jobs, no careers, no professions–and all skills must learned through trial and error–no books, no classes.¬† Once I play through an experimental version, I will post the final version of the rules and begin recording the LP and uploading to YouTube.¬† I am anxious to get started!

In addition to the Harvest Hippie series, I want to do two more LPs…

First, I have an idea for one that is based on the 1961 movie, The Parent Trap, in which a young couple with twin girls gets a divorce and each parent moves to separate lots and raises the girls without ever having contact with one another.¬† Once the girls become teens, they are sent to the same summer camp.¬† They must first become enemies, then best friends.¬† When camp is over, they each go to live with the opposite parent.¬† The father has a new woman in his life, and the mother a new man.¬† The girls must harass their parents’ new partners until they are enemies with them.¬† Once the new partners are moved out, the girls must create opportunities for their parents to spend time together, and, ultimately, help them rekindle their former¬†romance.

The second one is less of a “challenge” LP and more of a story LP, but I¬†think there are going to be ways that I can¬†implement small challenges within it.¬† I love the book The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd, so I want to recreate the characters and tell a simmie-version of that story.¬† I think the Sims 3¬†harvestables (for Lily’s father’s orchard) and the beehives (for August’s honey business) will help to set the scene for this multi-layered tale of a young girl’s search for answers about her deceased mother and about herself.

As I get these series going, I will post more detailed information and pictures of the sims and the lots I’ll be creating and using.¬† In the meantime, make sure to check out my existing LPs.¬† If don’t have a YouTube account, it’s easy to create one.¬† This way you can “like” the videos, subscribe to my channel, and share the videos to various social media sites.¬† Your support is always appreciated!¬† ūüôā¬† Click here to see my channel:¬† SIMple Bliss



Hattie’s House is complete!

Hattie’s House is complete!!! ¬†Click the image to go to the full information page, download link, and a descriptive, pictorial tour of the lot.

click to DOWNLOAD

Hattie’s House: ¬†More than a house; it’s an EXPERIENCE!

WIP: New pics of Hattie’s House!

I have several pics of the interior of Hattie’s House.¬† I finished the kitchen, living room, children’s room, and the nursery.

Tiny leaf-themed nursery

Tiny leaf-themed nursery

Train-themed children's room

Train-themed children’s room

Living room

Living room

Living room, view from foyer

Living room, view from foyer

Living room

Living room

Living room

Living room

Living room (upright piano via keyboard, shelf, bookcase MOO project--inspired by Larifari2009, I believe.)

Living room (upright piano via keyboard, shelf, bookcase MOO project–inspired by Larifari2009, I believe.)

Breakfast nook, kitchen

Breakfast nook, kitchen



Breakfast Nook

Breakfast Nook



All that’s left is the downstairs bathroom, and the upstairs master suite.¬† Hopefully I’ll have Hattie’s up on the Exchange in time for the New Year!¬† ūüôā

Happy Simming, Simmers!

WIP: Hattie’s House


Hattie’s House


Horse barn

I once uploaded this house as a shell on the Simmers Society.  There was a thread where you could share your unfinished projects and see how other simmers completed them.

Originally, however, I started this build–then called Hattie’s Hovel–because it is based on a place that I once dreamed about many, many years ago.¬† I think it was when I was young enough to have been really immersed in the Anne of Green Gables series of books.¬† I wanted the lot to be mysterious, yet enchanting, and I think it still has some element of that feeling, but it certainly has evolved into so much more.

I still haven’t completed the interior, but I’m getting there.¬† I may do some more tweaking to the landscaping, but I love how it’s turning out.

It’s a great lot for horse lovers, as well as gardeners.¬† In fact, there is a mushroom cellar!¬† Mushrooms are actually grown deep under the earth where it is dark and damp, so I decided to add this touch of reality.

For now, here is a sneak peak of Hattie’s House (Hattie was my maternal grandmother’s name, so I’m hoping the build has some of her sourthern blend of guts and grace!):


Mushroom and wine cellar


Bridge linking driveway to front path leading to house


Bike shed


Path between house and greenhouse


Back patio


Garden, greenhouse


Front yard


Front view


Driveway, road in front part of lot, small “bridge” that may “flood during high water” ūüėČ


Driveway (road in front of lot)

New WIP: Honeydew Cottage

Here’s a little house that I’ve been working on all afternoon.¬† I’m calling it Honeydew because of its melon color theme: pastel lime and peach.¬† Right now the interior has 3 levels (basement, main, and upstairs), but I haven’t built the interior walls yet, so I’m uncertain about the number of rooms at this time.¬† The exterior is basically complete, so, for now, here¬†are some¬†outside shots and one shot of the master bedroom:


Happy New Year

As we approach the new year, I find myself stuck in bed with what seems to be strep throat!¬† Yesterday, I felt just miserable, but I did manage to get in a few hours of simming.¬† I worked on my latest project,¬†Tudor Dreams,¬†a rather large tudor home.¬† I rarely make large sim homes, but something about Christmas got me going on this one; I wanted a place my simmies could really get into the holiday spirit.¬† I was too busy preparing for the RL¬†holidays to get it anywhere near finished in time for a Christmas upload, so I hope to have it ready in time for a New Year’s celebration.¬† Ifinally made¬†it out of bed today, so here are a couple of pics¬†so folks can see this WIP.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve always admired tudor homes, and my husband–back when he was my high school boyfriend–used to cherish a massive tudor home plan that he wanted to have¬†¬†built for us someday.¬† Twenty-four years of marriage later and that house plan happens to¬†be stowed away in¬†the attic¬†of our¬†ranch-style contemporary home!¬† Ha ha.¬† So much for the dreams of youth.¬† Well, that’s not entirely true.¬† At least I can say I am living one dream of my youth:¬† Tudor or no tudor,¬†I have been happily married for 24 years!¬† ūüôā¬†

I didn’t have that picture/plan to look at when I designed this WIP, but I tried to remember it as well as I could.¬† I finally just¬†took from¬†a combination of several images of home plans I researched on-line and in a home magazine I had laying around.¬† Tudor Dreams is a 3-bedroom home meant for the sim family who loves to party.¬† There is a luxurious entry with a formal dining area meant to impress your guests and the sole purpose of the largest room–the ballroom–is to entertain.¬† There is a stage and a large open space for dancing the night away.¬† The lounge can be a retreat for your guests or your kids.¬† Games and a bar will keep everyone occupied.¬† The kitchen is traditional and well-organized, as well as comfortable.¬† The parents will love the attached garage which opens to a mudroom that keeps dirt and grime from tainting the more formal areas of the home.¬† A large laundry room allows you to keep an eye on the little tykes as you take care of those chores.¬† Upstairs, your sims will find a cute, fantasy-themed nursery and a large youth bedroom that are adjoined by a common bath.¬† The huge master suite sits on the opposite end of the upstairs quarters.¬† On the landing, the household will find plenty of space for relaxing with one another (since so much of the first level is intended for guests and entertaining).¬† The pool is unique, but functional, and a place that both family and friends will find tempting.

Anyway, my point in writing this post was to say “Happy New Year.”¬† I clearly digressed!¬† So, back to topic:¬† HAPPY NEW YEAR!

New WIP: Hattie‚Äôs Hidden Hovel‚Ķand more!

I have two current WIP’s (works in progress), but I am only posting pics of one of them.¬† To take a sneak peak at Hattie’s Hidden Hovel, click the image below:

Coming Soon: Click for a sneak peak

Even though the other WIP is further along than Hattie’s, I’ve opted not to post pics of it since I will be entering the completed project in a challenge later this weekend.¬† Once I’ve submitted the entry, I will post pics and a link here, as always.¬† It will be a modern build in a lush, Olympic, shore-side setting.¬† I’m really having a blast building this one, and I’m excited about what I have completed so far.¬† I hope it continues to go well!¬† ūüôā