Whole World Market

Today, I uploaded another communnity lot–a hangout.  Whole World Market is based on a combination of RL models, primarily Whole Foods and a privately owned market/bistro located in the town in which I live (they stay packed with all they have to offer, much in the way sims should flock to this hangout).

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The lot has a definite shopping theme with its food market and small bookshop, but the sidewalk cafe has a counter that offers sims a chance to order food from a cashier or serve themselves from the deep food fryer, ice cream maker, or coffee machines.

Whole World Market
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Inside, the main market is quite expansive, and it is designed to look like a place to buy flowers, produce, herbs, dry goods, spices, tonics, and wine, as well as decorative objects from all over the world.  There’s even an in-store “salad bar.”  In actuality, sims can taste wine or order from a bar in a really great-looking environment.

In the bookshop, there are registers for books (obviously), relics and general goods.  There are plenty of bookcases and seating, as well as chess and dominoes.  Take a ride up in the elevator to a small entertainment “venue” where sims can listen to local artists perform, take pics in the photo booth, or play an arcade game.

The parking garage and parking lot offer plenty of spaces.  Inside the garage employees can take a break and keep things in their lockers. 😉

The exteior is nicely, but simply, landscaped.  The design of the building has a bit of realism to it, and it has a great overall effect in-game.  I hope you like it as much as I do!

The lot has been successfully play-tested.  It contains no CC (verified by Custard), but it does have Store items, as well as a Dr. Pepper item (not necessary to game-play).

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3 thoughts on “Whole World Market

  1. kat says:

    When I try to download Whole World Market, a message comes up saying that I need to update my game. I have the latest software update for the game. Can you help me?

    • Kim says:

      Hi kat.

      Do you have all EPs up to Showtime? And do you have all SPs (except Katy Perry) up to Diesel? If not, you will get that message. That doesn’t mean you won’t be able to play it. It just means the items from the EP/SP(s) that you don’t have will be missing from the lot. Usually the game supplements them with something similar from the base game.

      Hope that helps!


  2. kat says:

    I have all expansion pack, including Supernatural but out of the Stuff Packs, I only have High End Loft Stuff & Town Life Stuff. I’m used to seeing that message where the items I don’t have will be replaced by proxies, but not when I try to download the Whole World Market. It won’t let me download it at all. Could it be that I need to buy another SP?

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