Historustica Apartments

Little by little, I have been working toward making “Barnacle Bay” into “Mediterranean Bay.”  I don’t have much so far–mainly because I haven’t been simming much lately–but what I do have is mostly in the form of downloads from fellow simmer, Susanna.  She has great Italian style builds, and I placed several of her lots in this world.  I, too, like to build old world style lots, and the following build is just that.  I made it especially for Mediterranean Bay.

My inspiration was a picture of an old Italian house (to which I no longer have access).  In order to make the most use of all the space, I decided to make the build into 3 distinct apartments.

Historustica Apartments (click to Download)

There are 2 distinct buildings, but they are connected by a breezeway.  The yellow stone-brick building (on the right) has one 2-floored apartment (let’s call it Apartment A), and the white-green stucco/stone building (on the left) has two more apartments, one of which is 2-floors (let’s call it Apartment B) and the other which is 3 floors (let’s call it Apartment C).

I didn’t use buydebug to place hidden room markers and all three apartments are fully furnished. This way, simmers can choose which apartment best suits their needs/style and place hidden room markers for themselves in the apartments they opt not to play. Or, they can play all three apartments as one household. It’s up to you. 🙂

Apartment A features a horse trough and penned in space, 1 fireplace in the small living/kitchen combo area, 2 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms.

Apartment B has a bar, spacious kitchen and dining, 2 fireplaces, 1 bedroom, and 2 bathrooms.

Apartment C has a den, 2 fireplaces, 2 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, and a rooftop garden and living space that includes a sitting area, hot tub, and full kitchen.

In play-testing, I did have to go into buy/build mode to rotate the spiral staircases because my sims could not go back down the stairs once they climbed up them.  (As many of you know, this is a common issue with the EA spiral staircases, and the best way to fix the issue is to simply rotate them.)  I uploaded the fixed version, but it is still something you may have to adjust.

The lot has several common areas.  There is a cellar with a laundry room for all 3 apartments to share.  Also, outside, your sims will find a nice swimming pool, clothesline, fountains, recreational/skill-building objects, and a lush garden ripe fo the picking.  Two parking spaces are available.

NO CC was used in this lot.  Contains several Store items and I have all EPs and SPs, except the Katy Perry junk.

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3 thoughts on “Historustica Apartments

  1. nmasa05 says:

    Awesome!! rec’d and downloaded!!

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