New community lot: The Potter’s House

The Potter’s House is a hangout where sims can socialize AND work on their crafting skills (sculpting, drafting, potion-making, and inventing).

Check it out!

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The Potter’s House


One word: Hallelujah!

Well, my wish–along with the wishes of thousands of Sims fans–has come true!  I am so thrilled we are finally going to have weather and seasons in the game.

The demo during the live-chat on August 3 was a bit frustrating to watch since they were having so much technical difficulty, particularly during the Supernatural portion.  I was relieved they were able to demo Seasons a bit better.

Supernatural looks good, but Seasons looks great.

I’d love to say more, but I think I am going in-game and start building some weather-ready lots!  🙂