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Greetings, Simmers!

As my Hunger Games (season one) series is coming to a close, I have decided to begin a few new series in the very near future.  (Check out my YouTube channel, SIMple Bliss!)

Hunger Games Season One: Kristen Stewart; Jack McFarland; Gordon Ramsay; Wanda Sykes; Scarlett O'Hara; Dwight Shrute; Tris Prior; Buddy the Elf

Hunger Games Season One: Kristen Stewart; Jack McFarland; Gordon Ramsay; Wanda Sykes; Scarlett O’Hara; Dwight Shrute; Tris Prior; Buddy the Elf

I have no intention of ending either my Amazon Challenge or my Performing Arts School Challenge any time soon, but the Hunger Games is being produced a LOT on YouTube by several LPers. Plus, I played several “seasons” of it over the past year, and, quite frankly, I am becoming bored with it. Thus, it is time to MOVE ON! ūüôā

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Amazon Challenge

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Performing Arts School Challenge

For the last week, I have been on the search for the perfect “farming” challenge. There are a few good ones on Mod the Sims, and I watched two YouTube series, one produced by Twitch and one by Mommie Simmer, that were very interesting.¬† In the end, I have decided to create my own “farming” challenge.¬† Well, actually, it’s part farming challenge…

I will be producing a challenge LP called Harvest Hippie: Commune Challenge.

This challenge will begin like most farming challenges, with a YA inexperienced farmer.¬† In Harvest Hippie, this sim must look the part of a “hippie” with a variety of traits that convey that persona.¬† I am working on a “tiered” process, through which the founding hippie must progress, all while adding members to his commune.¬† The commune must be self-sufficient from start to finish–no jobs, no careers, no professions–and all skills must learned through trial and error–no books, no classes.¬† Once I play through an experimental version, I will post the final version of the rules and begin recording the LP and uploading to YouTube.¬† I am anxious to get started!

In addition to the Harvest Hippie series, I want to do two more LPs…

First, I have an idea for one that is based on the 1961 movie, The Parent Trap, in which a young couple with twin girls gets a divorce and each parent moves to separate lots and raises the girls without ever having contact with one another.¬† Once the girls become teens, they are sent to the same summer camp.¬† They must first become enemies, then best friends.¬† When camp is over, they each go to live with the opposite parent.¬† The father has a new woman in his life, and the mother a new man.¬† The girls must harass their parents’ new partners until they are enemies with them.¬† Once the new partners are moved out, the girls must create opportunities for their parents to spend time together, and, ultimately, help them rekindle their former¬†romance.

The second one is less of a “challenge” LP and more of a story LP, but I¬†think there are going to be ways that I can¬†implement small challenges within it.¬† I love the book The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd, so I want to recreate the characters and tell a simmie-version of that story.¬† I think the Sims 3¬†harvestables (for Lily’s father’s orchard) and the beehives (for August’s honey business) will help to set the scene for this multi-layered tale of a young girl’s search for answers about her deceased mother and about herself.

As I get these series going, I will post more detailed information and pictures of the sims and the lots I’ll be creating and using.¬† In the meantime, make sure to check out my existing LPs.¬† If don’t have a YouTube account, it’s easy to create one.¬† This way you can “like” the videos, subscribe to my channel, and share the videos to various social media sites.¬† Your support is always appreciated!¬† ūüôā¬† Click here to see my channel:¬† SIMple Bliss